Canvas Projects is an Architectural and Design practice based in Melbourne, Australia. We are architects, designers, facilitators and thinkers operating within the fields of architecture, interiors, urban design, product design, development and research.

We aspire to make a genuine difference in the world through each project that we are involved in. We believe that it is our responsibility to foster the relationship between the built environment and the communities that they contain and understand that ultimately the success and health of one is mirrored in the other.

The challenge of reconciling the needs of our communities and the built environment cannot be overcome with the same consciousness by which these challenges are conceived. We believe that through rigorous interrogation of the status quo, we may extend the boundaries of what is possible, simply by asking why not.

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Canvas was established from a desire to deliver great outcomes for everyone. We love what we do and believe that a positive experience results in a positive outcome.


We look forward to discussing your project requirements with you. Contact Canvas Projects so we can begin making a difference.