Kalkallo Community Centre


The Kalkallo Community Centre is a landmark project for the communities of Kalkallo & Donnybrook , providing a community hub providing early years, consulting and community programs for the developing community of the adjacent estates of Cloverton and Olivine. The building is structured around the connectivity between all of the programmed spaces, promoting community gathering and the sharing of ideas through the many non-programmed incidental spaces throughout the facility. 

The design and consultation approach allows for a process of consultation with the community advisory groups throughout the design and documentation process, ensuring that the community representatives are engaged throughout the design process. This approach allows representatives of the community to shape project vision, with an aim to establish a community identity for this facility and asset them to champion this vision back to their community. This approach to enable the facility to be co-authored by the community it represents is a pursuit of peacemaking, and leads toward an outcome that will developed with the people of Kalkallo and will clearly speak to this place.


  • Wurundjeri

Project Details

  • Kalkallo, Victoria
  • Construction commenced 2020