Spray Point

Residential, Heritage

For generations, the ‘fibro’ beach shack provided the backdrop for Victorians enjoying their long summers at the Mornington Peninsula. The ‘fibro’ was a robust outpost, providing shelter from the elements and respite from the summer heat. Outdoor cooking, improvised bedding and sleeping with open windows signalled this experience as different to that of the family home. There was no television. The distinction between the family home and the holiday shack and the expectations of comfort and convenience between these has changed in recent times. The desire to replicate the amenity of the family home at the holiday house has resulted in the gradual disappearance of the  ‘fibro’ from the Victorian’s coastal holiday towns.

Built in the early 1900’s, Spray Point cottage has been part of this family for two generations, and has provided the setting for the many family gatherings that have been enjoyed there. The decision to extend the existing cottage to accommodate the next generation of the family was a careful one.  It was important to maintain the quality of holiday experience that this family has come to expect of this place. The new addition takes all the programmatic burden of accommodating a multi-generational family on holiday, and liberates the original cottage to be returned to its original internal volumes and external expression.  The addition echoes the scale, materiality and detail of the beach ‘fibro’, allowing a new generation of this family to be immersed and delight in the natural, seasonal and temporal experience of this place.


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  • Blairgowrie, Victoria
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