Truganina Community Hub


Expediency in design and construction is highly valued in the ever expanding, socially and economically marginal suburbs of Melbourne periphery. Expediency does not, of course, assist in the development of these communities. Canvas’s approach at the Truganina Community Hub endeavours to counter expediency and to return focus to designing for time in architecture. Sequences of movement and interactions within the centre are curated to offer respite from the expectations of expediency implied in the use of a council facility. Rewarding those who slow their engagement with this facility with the amenity of shelter from the sun and wind, bountiful daylight, outlook to native landscape and free coffee. This centre encourages greater social interactions amongst building users and in this allows the networks of this fledgling community to grow. The design of the Truganina Community Hub is founded in a socially grounded ambition to empower the community with the authorship of placemaking.

The Truganina Community Hub is a landmark community facility that conveys the values of the local community and provides a place that instills civic pride and ownership for this site. The proposed development provides a civic presence required for such a facility, while respecting the form and scale of the existing neighbourhood character.

The building composition is centred around a community gathering space for this facility and the greater precinct. The community value for this space is exemplified in its volume, the abundance of natural daylight and the community tree at its centre by which to gather. This space is contained beneath the architectural expression of a large drum, that acts as a signifier to the precinct as to the magnitude and value held for this idea of community gathering.

The drum sits atop a series of wings containing the various programmed spaces necessary for this community hub. The drum is presents itself equitably as it is viewed from all sides, and its form speaks directly to the circular gathering space that it contains providing this community with a clarity of architectural expression with which they can depend.

Project Details

  • City of Wyndham, Victoria
  • In Progress