Our People

Our team at Canvas Projects work collaboratively with the belief that great ideas are generated through an exchange of different perspectives.  The culture and aesthetic of our practice is not driven by a singular approach but rather is shaped by the collective skill and experience of our team. We create an open and generous studio environment that allows our team, clients and collaborators to share their values, history and culture.  We rely on the diversity of our team and our collaborators’ experiences to shape our project outcomes.

Michelle Harris
Michelle is responsible for business development and practice infrastructure at Canvas. She leads the overview and the implementation of the practice’s quality systems, working closely with both clients and project teams across all projects to facilitate high quality outcomes. In over 20 years of practice, Michelle has demonstrated a commitment to excellence in community infrastructure projects for local government and community health clients. Michelle is skilled in the early client design phase, working with stakeholder groups to uncover their vision and realise the potential of the project brief. She believes in the value that design thinking brings to our clients, and is a committed and curious learner in all environments.
Jeff Gabriel
A co-founder of Canvas, Jeff leads the practice’s co-creation process and direction, and is responsible for the continuity of this process across all projects. Jeff seeks the narrative behind the place, people and culture of each project to identify an approach to co-creation that is both sensitive and engaging. He does this in close collaboration with the client, community stakeholders and design team to maximise the potential of each project. With over 20 years of experience in practice across Australia, Jeff has been instrumental in the delivery of celebrated public & community architecture projects throughout Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.
Richard Cox
Senior Associate
As Architecture lead, Richard provides oversight across all projects ensuring that the conceptual intent is enabled and executed in built outcomes. Richard’s expertise lies in working across complex regulatory, environmental and constructibility parameters to achieve high quality design outcomes for all projects. His skill for engaging and collaborating with the design team ensures that concept design intent is carried through the complexities of co-ordinated documentation. Richard’s commitment to design and enthusiasm for carefully detailed and crafted architectural form has resulted in the delivery of numerous significant award winning buildings over the past 20 years.
David Young
David leads the concepts and aesthetics of Canvas’s visualisations and graphic communication. In conjunction, David is the BIM co-ordinator. His expertise in co-ordinated documentation systems and project modelling ensure consistent and coordinated documentation throughout all phases of projects. His appreciation for coordinated system modelling extends to the integration of consultant documentation and the implementation by contractors on site. David has over 9 years experience in practice and has been a vital contributor to numerous award winning projects in Victoria.
Athiqah Ahmed
As lead of interior architecture, Athiqah contributes to the ongoing definition and refinement of our practice aesthetic. Her ability to engage and collaborate with both project stakeholders and consultant teams enables design continuity from consultation stage into the realisation of the interior environments of our projects. Athiqah’s work as a spatial practitioner extends beyond conventional interior architecture with her exploration of sculpture, installation and performance presented with MPavilion, as part of the M_Curators initiative, and teaching at Monash University School of Art, Design & Architecture.
Ashley Ho
Ash is an Architectural and Interior Architecture Graduate with an enthusiasm for learning and expanding her knowledge of the practice of architecture. Ash is interested in listening and responding to the needs of diverse stakeholder groups, and in developing her skills in the documentation and delivery of architectural projects from concepts through to the built form. Ash has an infectious curiosity for process and analytics that has impacted our studio culture beyond the projects she is involved. Following years of practice in more commercial sectors, Ash brings a different lens to Canvas’s commitment to architecture for communities.
Nick Gamble
Nick is a co-founder of Canvas Projects and leads the practice’s client-centric approach to design. Nick provides oversight across the delivery of all Canvas projects ensuring that the consistency and quality of our project outcomes meets the expectations of our practice and exceeds the expectations of our clients. Nick works closely with clients, designers and the broader consultant teams fostering an inclusive and collaborative approach to project delivery across the practice, which lays the foundation for a successful project outcomes. With over 20 years of experience, Nick has expertise in all aspects of architectural practice, and has been instrumental in the delivery of a number of complex and high profile projects throughout Victoria and South Australia.

Our Canvas team have worked in partnership for 20 years delivering successful outcomes for a diverse range of clients and project types including state government departments, local government and leading tertiary and K-12 educational institutions.

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